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Touch For Health 
Energy Kinesiology


Touch For Health Techniques

Here are the handouts that provide more information about Energy Kinesiology and several techniques you can use right away!

Scroll down for PDF files that include five techniques you can use in your practice and more about Touch For Health Energy Kinesiology, the holistic system that empowers positive change, ease and joy through muscle testing.

Learn more about Touch for Health Classes >

Touch for Health empowers each of us to unlock our own vibrant health, to change how we perceive problems, and to truly release what is holding us back.

Learn Touch for Health Energy Kinesiology for personal or professional enrichment.

Courses are open to anyone interested in holistic health!
The fundamental Principles of Touch for Health can be used for personal enrichment, a professional gateway, or a tool to enhance your own practice of yoga, massage, or fitness therapy. 
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