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Touch For Health 

School of Energy Kinesiology


Touch for Health is a natural health system used to release the stress that is weighing you down!  Classes will equip you with skills and techniques to help yourself and your clients recover from injury and feel and function better in a variety of ways.

Touch For Health aligns ALL aspects of your being (body, mind, emotion, spirit, energy) so you may naturally, effortlessly, and powerfully step into the expanded version of yourself, align with your desires, attract what you want, and enjoy your life!

When you align your body and energy systems with your personal goals, achieving them becomes easier!

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Core Touch for Health Classes

In one week have your mind blown and learn the whole shebang when you take the TFH Synthesis (Levels 1-4 as an immersive course) - or take a weekend to learn the simple protocol to make every single thing in your life better with Levels 1&2 .

Touch for Health Level 1

No prerequisite

16-24 hrs/CEU

After completion, students are able to give a 14-Muscle/Meridian Goal Balance.

  • Learn precision muscle monitoring as a biofeedback tool and how to test and correct 14 muscles and 14 meridians for posture and energy alignment.

  • Learn to diffuse emotional stress and pain, daily energy boosters, the theory of acupuncture meridians, and goal balancing. 

  • Level 1 at Zenbrio School includes Full Edition Textbook, and certificates for 20 hours of TFH and 4 hours Ethics and Communication.

Touch for Health Level 2

Prerequisite: Level 1

16 hrs/CEU

After completion, Students are able to give a 28-Muscle/Meridan Goal balance and identify the key point to balance.

  • Introduces the application of the 24-Hr wheel and Chinese Law of 5 Elements. The principles of yin and yang applied to meridians and organs, and several specialized balancing techniques.

  • Learn Alarm Points to identify over energy, circuit locating to identify the body’s preference, goal setting, Gait testing, and Biogenic food testing.

Touch for Health Level 3

Prerequisite: Level 2

16 hrs/CEU

After completion, Students are able to give a complete 42-Muscle/Meridan balance including goal balancing with 5-Elements wheel.

  • Experience balancing with goals and emotions.

  • Learn correction methods for postural problems and reactive muscle patterns, as well as additional pain relieving techniques such as Reactive Muscles Balance and Pain Tapping.

Touch for Health Level 4

Prerequisite: Level 3

16 hrs/CEU

Bring it all together with a complete 42-muscle balance in standing and/or prone position and in anatomical and meridian order.

  • Acupressure Holding Point Theory,  Tibetan Energy, and Powerful LUO Points

Advanced Goal Setting and Metaphors

Prerequisite: Level 2

16 hrs/CEU

 Students are able to weave metaphors and visualization into the balancing process.

  • Compassionate, neutral and effective communication during balancing is refined. 

  • Explore more deeply the correlations between the five elements, muscles, meridians, emotions and other various healing techniques. 

  • Explore the meaning and metaphorical representation of imbalances, goal-patterns and patterns of movement.

Touch for Health Synthesis (Levels 1-4)

No Prerequisite


An immersive class experience learning all 4 levels of Touch for Health

  • Using supportive dialogue, positive goal-setting, creative visualization, and associative aspects of memory learn how to make your TFH balance more profound, effective and meaningful. The Touch For Health workbook is included when you register for the Synthesis.


You will learn touch therapy skills and techniques to –


Reset your balance and posture!

Clear muscle compensations and pain!

Improve immunity and keep illness at bay!

Enhance  performance and recovery!


You’ll also learn a step-by-step process to balance the meridian system of Chinese Medicine to –

Improve energy & clear emotional stress!

Align your body with your personal goals!

Break free of patterns that are keeping you stuck!

Restore peaceful equilibrium after stress, or...

Prevent stress response from happening at all!

Touch For Health Energy Kinesiology erases stress so you can be energized, confident and feel delicious in your body! 


Certificate of Completion

  • Upon successful completion of Touch for Health Levels 1-4, students receive a certificate from the International Kinesiology College, the authorized worldwide organization responsible for curriculum and standards of Touch for Health®.

Touch For Health Proficient

  • The Certificate of Proficiency from the International Kinesiology College is issued upon successful completion of the Proficiency Skills Workshop and assessment.  This weekend course allows the students to review any areas of the curriculum with an IKC Faculty Trainer, refine skills and have questions answered, followed by a written and practical assessment. Graduates may use the international title, "Touch For Health Proficient."

Certified Touch For Health Instructor

  • As a Certified Touch For Health Instructor you will then be able to teach Touch For Health courses in your community and provide continuing education CEU for Licenses Massage Therapists and Acupuncturists, as an NCBTMB and NCAAOM provider. To maintain certification, instructors are required to be a member of TFKA, adhere to an instructor agreement, including ethical standards, ongoing continuing education, periodic Proficiency review, and minimum teaching requirements set forth by the Touch For Health Kinesiology Association and the International Kinesiology College.

Zenbrio TFH Courses are taught in a relaxed environment with like-minded people. 
There is no pre-requisite, except a desire to learn!  
Classes are ideal for anyone interested in natural health, as well as the experienced wellness practitioner who wants to expand their practice.  Students are supported at every stage to become confident and competent.

Touch for Health empowers each of us to unlock our own vibrant health, to change how we perceive problems, and to truly release what is holding us back.

Learn Touch for Health Energy Kinesiology for personal or professional enrichment.

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