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Touch For Health 

Energy Kinesiology


Energy Kinesiology

has a quirky name, and feels like magic, but there is nothing mystical about it!

In our natural state, energy (or "chi") flows through our bodies like a battery - powering us up to heal ourselves, move forward in the world, and feel comfortable in our skin. 

As we go about our lives, the world throws stress at us in a variety of ways. These pressures cause our energy to get stuck in its flow. This imbalance can cause pain and dis-ease, and ultimately hold us back from the life we want to live. (If you have ever had a tension headache or an ulcer, you can speak first-hand to the obvious physical effects of stress.) Many effects of stress are less obvious, involving events we don't even remember that shape our outlook and reactions.

Touch for Health uses muscle testing to help us discover where energy is stuck in our bodies, and simple corrections to unblock the flow and get back into our natural state of balance. 

This natural system of health care is insightful and empowering.  It helps you find out what your body needs to heal, and how to give nourishment in the right areas with simple, easy to apply techniques.


Other forms of health care may point out what is "wrong" with you, what needs to be fixed, or tell you what you should be doing.  Touch For Health takes the opposite approach, with the Self-Responsibility model, facilitating greater inner awareness and putting you in charge of your health and the choices that are right for you.

The goal of TFH is to give you clear fundamental tools to rebalance your body in order to optimize your health, performance, and growth.


When you are "Balanced", the possibilities are limitless. You are tuned into your body and your own voice, and able to act with intention instead of just reacting to the world around you. You are, no matter the circumstances around you, your very best self!

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Touch for Health empowers each of us to unlock our own vibrant health, to change how we perceive problems, and to truly release what is holding us back.

Learn Touch for Health Energy Kinesiology for personal or professional enrichment.

Why learn Touch for Health Energy Kinesiology?


You may have some behaviors, habits or thoughts you’d like to change but you are not sure how.

Stress limits your ability to perform at your best.

Inconsistent energy levels keep you from enjoying life as much as you want.

You want to align your posture without forcing it or thinking about it.

You wonder what what your body is trying to say when aches, pains or symptoms arise

You sometimes get triggered, experience anxiety, or unexplained emotions.

You want to learn how to more effectively help yourself and others feel and function better.

You are a health professional who wants to facilitate wellness more efficiently.

​When stress and injuries occur, our body is challenged to function at its best.
Stress has a negative effect on our emotions, ability to think clearly, energy levels, our posture, how long symptoms persist, and how well we perform in life.

With Touch For Health, you will learn how to tap into your ability to clear stress of all kinds.
Learning the Touch For Health is an invaluable resource for your personal health, and the health of your family.

Increase your ability to help yourself and others feel and function better (including pets!)

Identify the foods and activities that are balancing for your unique system

Identify nutritional deficiency or excess

Learn Chinese medicine acupressure touch, simple pain techniques, and various touch reflexes

Identify life goals and tune yourself and others to achieve them

Connect with your own intuition and come into harmony with your history, context and purpose

Move through past trauma, overcome fears, phobias, and unconscious sabotage

Enhance your recuperative powers

Be empowered and empower others to take responsibility for their own health and healing

Courses are open to anyone interested in holistic health!
The fundamental Principles of Touch for Health can be used for personal enrichment, a professional gateway, or a tool to enhance your own practice of yoga, massage, or fitness therapy. 
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