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About The Instructor

Meet Sara McRae, LMT

"Sharing Touch For Health is pure joy-rising! 

I get to witness students activating their heart's desires and the incredible results they can achieve with these skills!"  - Sara

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Meet Sara McRae: Your Ally in the World of Energy Medicine

Sara McRae, a Licensed Massage Therapist and esteemed Touch for Health Instructor, brings a unique perspective to the realm of energy medicine. An open-minded skeptic at first, she never imagined delving into this field.  However, her transformative encounter with Energy Kinesiology changed everything.

Intriguingly, during a session with a practitioner, muscle monitoring revealed that a long-held emotion from a traumatic birth experience was the root cause of her persistent back stiffness. Witnessing the rapid transformation as the emotion was cleared, Sara felt compelled to explore her past and delve deeper into the wonders of Energy Kinesiology.

Her journey led her to a Touch for Health class, where she unexpectedly discovered the same skills that had brought about such profound change in her life. This pivotal moment redirected her career path and ignited her passion for wellness through Energy Kinesiology techniques.

Beyond the classroom, you might find Sara barefoot hiking amidst the wilderness, fearlessly running marathons with her "jedi mind tricks" (the Energy Kinesiology techniques she's come to rely on), or gently balancing herself with strategic rubs and hand movements before hitting the gym.

Sara McRae's remarkable dedication and infectious enthusiasm have garnered her well-deserved recognition. In 2016, shortly after commencing her journey as a Touch for Health Instructor, she was honored with the "Instructor Rookie of the Year" award for her exemplary work in teaching Touch for Health fresh out of training. 

Even during the unprecedented challenges brought about by the pandemic in 2021, Sara's unwavering passion for sharing the transformative power of Touch for Health prevailed. She kept classes available during these trying times earned her the esteemed "Instructor of the Year" award. Amidst widespread uncertainties, Sara's dedication to providing education and support remained unshaken, setting her apart as a role model in the filed.

A true natural-born teacher, Sara's ability to effortlessly transition from her background in coaching in the technology field to guiding others on their wellness journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Her proficiency in imparting complex concepts with ease and her innate ability to connect with her students create an inspiring learning environment, leaving her attendees eager to delve deeper into the world of Touch for Health.

Sara is quick to laugh, has a lighthearted approach to life, and she cherishes the profound impact of naps! Her private practice revolves around supporting First Responders and Law Enforcement Professionals and those seeking personal growth, and she wholeheartedly embraces the principles of Energy Kinesiology in her daily life.

According to Sara, Energy Kinesiology is the epitome of fun and fascinating healing wizardry, and she ardently believes that everyone should have access to this invaluable knowledge. Witnessing her students' minds being blown by the incredible potential of these skills lights her up. Her genuine passion for helping others discover their inner potential shines brightly in every class she leads, making her a treasured asset to the Touch for Health community.

Join Sara on a transformative adventure, where the magic of Energy Kinesiology awaits, ready to empower you with a whole new perspective on healing and well-being. You won’t find another instructor more immersed and more passionate about the material. Discover the wonder of this extraordinary field, as Sara guides you through the limitless possibilities it holds.

Sara McRae and Zenbrio School of Energy Kinesiology are approved as continuing education providers by:

  • (NCBTMB) National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

  • (NCCAOM) National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

  • (ISSA) International Sports Sciences Association

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