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Touch For Health 

School of Energy Kinesiology

In one week have your mind blown and learn the whole shebang in TFH Synthesis - or join us for the just a few days to learn simple protocol to make every single thing in your life better with Levels 1&2 .
Touch For Health Courses
Touch For Health Classes 2023
Refund Policy: Your payment or deposit is transferable to another course within one year, with a 30-day notification prior to the original class date.

Returning Student Tuition

Returning students must be able to provide by email, a copy of your IKC certificate(s) or transcript. To register, email a copy of your certificate for each level you wish to repeat to and you will receive an invoice to complete the registration.

  • Students who have taken courses and want to repeat, may do so for $249 per course. 

  • If you have previously taken TFH Classes (Levels 1 or more with any instructor), and wish to take/repeat the full TFH Synthesis, tuition is $1,020. 

  • Students who have taken Touch For Health with instructor Sara McRae, may repeat Level 1 complimentary within 1 calendar year of your original course.

  • Students who have taken Touch For Health Synthesis (Levels 1-4) with instructor Sara McRae, may repeat the Synthesis under the Zenbrio School mentorship program, and may be eligible for a tuition discount or scholarship. See your instructor for pricing/arrangements.

Touch for Health empowers each of us to unlock our own vibrant health, to change how we perceive problems, and to truly release what is holding us back.

Learn Touch for Health Energy Kinesiology for personal or professional enrichment.

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