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What is Touch for Health For?

What is this for?

Opportunities for Balance

Sometimes we get stuck.

Or, things just seem harder than they should be.

What if they were easy?

Once we start to notice what seems difficult, we reveal so much that could be easier!

  • Speaking in public is terrifying.

  • Organizing the garage is overwhelming.

  • Traffic makes me tense.

  • Forgiveness is impossible.

  • Eating healthy is so hard.

What if it wasn't?

There is stuck energy (beliefs, painful emotions, patterns, societal constructs) behind each of these stresses. When you learn to clear that stuck energy, you can move on and enjoy your life!

How soon will I feel results?

Some people notice that they feel better about the stressful topic immediately. Others notice it more as they return to their day to day activities because they feel less emotionally triggered by the stress. Many times the associated aches, pains, and symptoms clear when the stress is cleared. 

Let go of misconceptions that are holding you back.

  • If I do not look perfect, no one will like me.

  • In order to earn love, I must work very hard.

  • I can't leave.

  • It is my fault.

  • I take up too much space in this world.

Is it a form of medical treatment?

No. We do not diagnose, treat or work with named diseases. Our treatments balance the body to boost it’s own natural healing ability.

​Clear obstructive questions.

  • What if I fail?

  • What if it hurts?

  • What if they hate me?

  • What if they laugh?

  • What if they leave?

Is Touch for Health Energy Kinesiology,  Energy Work?

Touch for Health Energy Kinesiology is a type of “energy work.” It is unique from other energy work in that it uses muscle testing and often involves talking and cooperation between two people. It’s also unique in that it balances the energy around a specific goal, so it is of particular interest to people with a growth mindset.

All energy work (Acupuncture, Reiki, Qigong, Quantum Healing) has essentially the same goal, which is to help balance the body’s energy systems in order to alleviate stress, ailments and disease.

So if all energy work has the same goal, how are they different?

The difference seems to be in how or what methods they use to balance the energy and what energy field(s) they are balancing. For example, acupuncture uses needles to access the energy meridians from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reiki uses touch to access the energy chakras which originated in India before 500 BC.

Why are you dealing with stress, when you could just clear it? 
~ Joyce


By now you are thinking this sounds like the best kept secret in stress management, so why doesn’t everyone know about it? Even though Energy Kinesiology has been around since the 1960’s it’s not well known in the United States like it is in other countries.  It’s not being utilized as the practical tool for self-care and holistic health that it is. There are many reasons why it hasn’t taken off in the USA – primarily, our culture does not support alternative medicine and educating people in the benefits of balancing energy to stay well.

At Zenbrio School of Energy Kinesiology, we are committed to demystifying Energy Kinesiology, and making it  fun and accessible for everyone, every day.  Join us for our classes and learn how to do this for yourself and your family. 

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