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Hello! My name is Katie and I am co-creator of the Zenbrio School of Energy Kinesiology site. I am a graphic designer by trade, specializing in helping you create a brand that fulfills your true potential.

Learning TFH Energy Kinesiology has changed so many things about my life. Not only does it continue to blow my mind with the way it opens up my life to new possibilites, but it has changed the way I feel day to day.

When I feel myself getting stuck in a pattern, a little balance can completely free me to make decisions that bring me joy. When I feel my body start to tense up in reaction to basically any unidentifed stress, I am reminding myself to take the time and do a few corrections to clear that tension. Taking the time to clear and balance is often the hardest part ( I probably need to balance for that😄) because after I do, everything gets easier.

I have seen balancing switch things that were really hard, to things that were effortless - frictionless to the point of forgotten! I am so excited for what is possible as I learn, and continue to integrate more of TFH into my daily life.


Please message me with any questions about the workings of this site.

Message Sara about classes.

Message Joyce about mentoring.

(Click the little member's chat icon in the lower corner, and find us under +new chat!)


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Katielizabeth Design Services
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Cottage Grove, OR
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a way to make life better every day.

Katie Boyer Clark

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