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You might be smarter, nicer, a smoother dancer and in better shape than you thought!

Can you do this?
Basic CC
How about this one?
CC with Head
Still easy? How about this?
CC with Head and Clap

Cross Crawl Integration

Cross Crawl Integrated
  • Able to focus

  • Feel tolerance and compassion

  • Coordinated and able to mimic movements

  • Healthy amounts of movement feel energizing

  • Usual energy levels and motivation

NOT Cross Crawl Integrated
  • Brain Fog

  • Unusual urge to punch people in the throat

  • Lack of Coordination

  • Feeling out of shape/exercise and movement feel hard

  • Tired and unmotivated

If you are feeling any of these, it is possible that you are not cross crawl integrated - causing a disconnect...

The good news is that just DOING Cross Crawl can help!

If these were difficult, or you want an extra boost - try it with a friend!
CC with Friend - including eye movements

More info explaining why it works or how it happens, and/or link to blog with more info about the heart meridian etc.

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