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Learn Touch For Health Energy Kinesiology!

This one simple health system, will make every single thing about your life better.

Become your own healer with Touch For Health.  A truly holistic health system based in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Welcome to the world of Touch for Health, a truly holistic system rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine that empowers you to become your own healer! Our courses are carefully crafted to activate your innate healing abilities, align you with your goals, and guide you in balancing physical, postural, nutritional, emotional, and energetic imbalances—all from the comfort of your own home. It's time to feel better, enjoy life, and embrace the transformative potential within you!

Discover the Power of Touch for Health: Unlock Your Full Potential

With Touch for Health,  the journey to a healthier, more balanced you begins!  When you learn Touch For Health you activate a transformative experience that will empower you to take control of your well-being for the rest of your life!  If you want more ease and better health, this training is for you!

What Is Touch for Health?

Touch for Health is a dynamic and holistic approach to achieving optimal health, blending ancient wisdom with modern techniques. It empowers individuals like you to tap into the body's innate ability to heal itself. Through gentle touch and muscle monitoring, Touch for Health restores energy flow, releases tension, and promotes harmony within the body-mind-spirit. 

Touch For Health accomplishes many different things depending on how people use it. It is considered the foundation of Energy Kinesiology programs around the world.


Unleashing the Possibilities with Touch for Health

In our classes, you'll uncover the boundless potential of Touch for Health and the incredible ways it can enrich your life. Here are some of the ways people benefit from using Touch For Health:


  • Relief from Pain and Enhanced Physical Well-being: Discover how Touch for Health can be your ally in relieving pain and revitalizing your physical state, leaving you feeling better and filled with renewed energy.

  • A Path to Improved Concentration and Learning:  Experience how Touch for Health can enhance your concentration and learning abilities, opening up new pathways for knowledge and growth.

  • Rapid Personal Growth in Short Spans of Time: Through Touch for Health, you'll witness the potential for rapid personal growth, achieving transformative results in surprisingly brief periods.

  • Resolving Life's Challenges and Behavioral Patterns: Use Touch for Health as a powerful tool to tackle life's challenges and overcome persistent patterns of behavior, paving the way for positive change.

  • Manifesting Your Desires through Energy Alignment and Upgrading Subconscious Beliefs: Discover how Touch for Health can assist you in aligning your energy, empowering you to manifest your heart's desires and deliberately create the life you want.

  • Self-Care for Peak Performance: Learn a series of simple and effective self-care exercises, ensuring you hit the gym with an aligned and optimized physical frame, ready for peak performance.

Why Choose Touch for Health?

Imagine a life where you experience consistently better mood, improved posture, increased energy, and a personal alignment with everything that matters to you. Imagine EASE!  This is what Touch for Health can bring to your life. Through our courses, we offer you the tools to find ease and balance, transforming your overall well-being.

Who Can Benefit?

Touch for Health is for everyone!  Whether you're seeking personal growth, are interested in enhancing your current healing practice, or want to help others lead healthier lives, these classes are your gateway to profound positive change.  The techniques and skills you will learn can  be applied clinically, at home with your family, for yourself, or your pets! 

Simple and Effective Techniques:

Our Touch For Health training is designed to equip you with lifelong skills, allowing you to align your energy with your personal goals. We provide you with a masterful toolkit to improve every aspect of your health. From pain relief, nutrition, flexibility, and mobility, posture alignment, to enhanced learning and mental clarity, freedom from triggers, healing past events, avoiding jet lag, and energizing yourself—our techniques cover it all!

Tap into Your Innate Healing Power:

We believe that you hold the key to your own healing. The person who knows what is best for you, is YOU! We help you connect with your inner physician (quite literally, through body biofeedback), guiding you towards understanding your unique needs and preferences. As you gain this insight, everything in life becomes easier and more harmonious.

Your Journey to Self-Empowerment:

With Touch for Health, you become the deliberate creator of your life. You take charge of your well-being, knowing that you possess the wisdom to make the best decisions for yourself, and the skill to align your whole body and energy to whatever you want. Touch For Health is an opportunity to enhance your life in profound ways, starting from within.

A Non-Diagnostic Approach:

Touch for Health is non-diagnostic. It's not about telling you what you should or shouldn't do. Instead, it offers simple yet effective techniques to improve various aspects of your health. 

Join Our Vibrant Community:

By enrolling in our Touch for Health classes, you'll become part of a supportive and vibrant community of like-minded individuals, all on a journey to discover the transformative power of holistic healing. Connect with fellow students, share experiences, and grow together as you become agents of positive change in the world. Together, we celebrate the transformative power of Touch for Health and the positive impact it has on our lives.

Are You Ready to Embrace the Healer Within?

The time is now to step into your role as your own healer. You possess the ability to heal yourself, and we're here to guide you on this path of self-discovery and empowerment. Experience the joy of aligning your body, mind, and spirit with Touch for Health.

Sign up for our Touch For Health courses and begin your transformative journey towards a healthier, more balanced you today!

"What would make your life EVEN better?"

Every answer to that question is an opportunity for growth, every dream and aspiration becomes a possibility for alignment and harmony.


Creating Your Best Life With Goal Balancing:

Touch for Health is a transformative process that brings your entire being into alignment with your deepest desires, goals, and intentions.  In Level 1 you learn Goal Balancing, a game-changer that you'll cherish forever. You become the master of your destiny, creating a path that leads to fulfillment. Goal Balancing is a practical bodywork process of aligning the posture and energy, in a way that yields results that are often so profound it seems like magic. It makes your journey from where you are now to where you want to be, both easy and enjoyable!

The Magic of Alignment:

When you engage with Touch for Health, you'll experience the magic of alignment firsthand. Your body, mind, and spirit will work in sync, paving the way for you to achieve your goals effortlessly. No more struggling or feeling disconnected—instead, embrace the ease of living a life in tune with your true self.

  What You'll Gain When You Take Touch For Health:

  1. Self-Empowerment: Learn powerful self-care techniques that you can apply anytime, anywhere, to alleviate stress, pain, and discomfort. Discover the keys to unlock your own healing potential.

  2. Holistic Healing: Real, personal healing occurs in class for every student. Embrace a holistic approach that considers the interconnectedness of the body, mind, and spirit. Achieve balance in all aspects of your life, promoting lasting wellness.

  3. Hands-On Practice: Dive into hands-on practice with our supportive and nurturing environment. Gain confidence in applying Touch for Health methods effectively.

  4. Certification: As you progress through our classes, you'll receive certificates from the International Kinesiology College. Professional CEU is available for health care providers such as Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Athletic Trainers and Nurses.


What You'll Learn In Touch For Health:


  • Muscle Testing as Biofeedback: Accurate muscle monitoring as a biofeedback tool, revealing the underlying stress behind physical, neurological, energetic and emotional imbalances, and how to effortlessly release these imbalances and restore your well-being.

  • Align With Goals: You'll learn a practical hands-on method to align with your goals using Energy Kinesiology and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • Food Testing: How to identify the right foods and supplements to support your unique system.

  • Break Free From Limiting Patterns: How to overcome stuck patterns and behaviors that hinder your progress in achieving your goals. 

  • Release Stress and Pain: Life can be stressful, but we equip you with practical methods to release stress and ease physical and emotional pain.

  • Daily Energizers: Learn simple yet effective techniques that can be incorporated into your daily routine to keep you in alignment and energized.

  • Postural Alignment: How to correct postural imbalances improving physical comfort, ease and movement.

  • Muscle Balancing: How to find imbalanced muscles and activate them with the energy needed to perform their job optimally.

  • A Comprehensive Toolkit: Learn  a wide range of tools and techniques, including gentle touch reflexes, empowering dialogue, working with meridians, acupressure, among others. You'll have a comprehensive toolkit at your disposal to enhance your well-being and support your journey to achieving your goals.

Touch for Health empowers each of us to unlock our own vibrant health, to change how we perceive problems, and to truly release what is holding us back.

Learn Touch for Health Energy Kinesiology for personal or professional enrichment.

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