Touch for Health Level 3 & 4 + Metaphors

6-day in-person course, 32 CEU, Instructor Sara McRae

  • Starts Mar 28
  • 969 US dollars
  • Pearl Street

Service Description

Advanced Goal Setting and Metaphors and Touch For Health Levels 3 & 4 8am-5:30pm Zenbrio House 1725 Pearl Street, Eugene, OR Instructor Sara McRae 48 CEU Advanced Goal Setting and Metaphors Using supportive dialogue, positive goal-setting, creative visualization, and associative aspects of memory learn how to make your TFH balance more profound, effective and meaningful. Brainstorm creative metaphors for each of the five elements and their components and make the connections between muscles, meridians, organs, emotions and more. Effectively utilize the 111 metaphors to gain new insight to find the “ah ha!” key piece of information for your goal. Touch For Health Level 3 This course goes more in depth with the application of the Chinese Five-Elements, teaches one-point balancing, and includes using emotions for balancing. The interaction of muscles is studied further and you will learn correction methods for postural problems and reactive muscle patterns, as well as additional pain relieving techniques. • Learn 10+ additional muscle tests • Goal balancing with 5-Elements wheel • 5-Elements emotions • Circuit retaining mode • Reactive muscles balance • Pain Tapping Touch For Health Level 4 Level 4 develops the emotional work introduced in previous levels, deeper goals, and how to ‘put it all together’ more efficiently. You will learn to balance all 42 muscles in standing and/or prone position and in anatomical and meridian order. Reactive muscle techniques and circuit training mode are reviewed. • Learn to efficiently balance 42 muscles